RAF St. Mawgan Autumn Camp

On the 17th-24th October, a staff member and two cadet NCO’s from 2070 Glenfield Squadron, joined local squadrons from around Leicestershire on a Wing Autumn camp at RAF St. Mawgan.

The week commenced very quickly. As as soon as cadets arrived, cadets were informed of their respected flights and sections, ready for a competitive week ahead. To start what was described as a challenging week, cadets took part in a familiarisation task, both around the station and with their follow cadets.

As the week progressed, cadets went on to experience many training activities RAF St. Mawgan could provide. These consisted of various section visits, shooting, a low ropes course and PT with an RAF qualified PT instructor. However, cadets were also fortunate enough to partake in off base activities such as; costal walks, bowling and a visit to the Eden Project.

To conclude the week, the cadets had been awarded with a relaxed final evening, with take-away pizza and music for all their efforts throughout the week at RAF St. Mawgan. Awards were presented by both staff and cadets. Cadet Sgt Chambers had been presented with Best NCO, voted by both staff and cadets. Also, Cadet Cpl Parker’s section won the inter-sections competition for gaining the most points throughout the week.

Cadet Sgt Chambers quoted “I throughly enjoyed my time at RAF St. Mawgan. It allowed me to develop my confidence and experience as a newly promoted Senior NCO. I was given the responsibility as flight IC of A Flight, allowing me pass on my knowledge to junior NCO’s and cadets from around the wing”.

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