As Cadets progress, within the squadron, they will be taught aviation based subjects. Each classification has different subjects to learn and on completion Cadets will be awarded a new Classification and badge.

Criteria for each Classification

 First Class Cadet

(All subjects to be completed)

• The Air Training Corps

• The Royal Air Force

• History of Flight

• Basic Principles of Airmanship

• Map Reading

• Initial Expedition Training

• Basic Radio Communication

 Leading Cadet

(All subjects to be completed)

• Basic Navigation

• Principles of Flight

• Airmanship Knowledge

 Senior Cadet

(Three subjects to be completed from the list below)




 Master Cadet

(Three different subjects to be completed from the list below)

 • Aircraft Handling

• Piston Engine Propulsion

• Jet Engine Propulsion

• Airframes

• Avionics and Aircraft Electrical Systems

• Military Aircraft Systems

• Basic Air Navigation

• Basic Principles of Pilot Navigation

• Advanced Radio and Radar

After passing the Classifications then Cadets will be entitled to the following BTEC vocational qualifications:

BTEC Award in Aviation Studies (equivalent to 1 GCSE, A-C grade)

Cadets can apply for this award on completion of  First Class and Leading Classifications. (A registration fee is required for this award.)

BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies (equivalent to 2 GCSEs, A-C grades)
On completion of  Master Cadet Classification you’re automatically entitled to this qualification without any fee.

BTEC First Diploma in Public Services (equivalent to 4 GCSEs, A-C grades)
Cadets are eligible when they are between 16 and 19 years old. This qualification mixes theory and practical elements emphasising on leadership, teamwork, communications, first aid, adventure training, health and nutrition, fitness, life skills, professional CV preparation and interviewing techniques.